Thursday, July 9, 2009

All About L.E Fashion In Stardoll!

LE Brand: Limited Edition For Fashion Leaders who set the trends that others follow -

Each beautifully illustrated item is available on a first come, first serve basis. 

Once purchased your LE Brand garments will permanently carry their LE Number Tag: The authenticity of each edition is preserved for all time.



 The First Season Of L.E. Fashion!

The core concepts of LE Brand explore the defining trends of Fall 2008

SEQUINS- Sprinkled Generously over the entire LE collection adding texture and sparkle for show stopping looks. 

STUDS - Writ Large, Oversized and Unexpected: clustered on the Studded Motorcycle Jacket, striping the Belt and punctuating the effect of our Boots

ZIPPERS - Now as Inventive Edge Treatment: tracing ruffles on our Shift Dress, Tank and Miniskirt, defining the shapes of our Platform Ankle Boots 

BOLD COLORS- Pairing fashions most graphic and energetic color combination: Black and

By: edwardismyfav

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

F0BROX- Amazing designer

F0BR0X is a Great Unknown
Fashion Designer on Stardoll!
She adores Fashion and is
Inspired by Lady Gaga`s 
Style!F0BR0X has won top
Designer 6 times and loves
to design clothes.F0BR0X
says that she would love to
become a Clothing Designer 
when she Grows up,She
Likes to think of her Designs
as DKNY,Voile and even Elle
Designs!She has very Fierce
Style,and I recommed you check
out her clothing Designs!


Monday, June 29, 2009


Whenever there is a poll contest, whoever has gotten the most votes when the Poll is over, will get a superstar gift. If you are interested in being in a poll, contact me in my gb, and I will see what I can do!!


Fashion is my LIFE! Without it, I don't know who, or where I'd be...  It is one of the key instruments I use to express my feelings, and express emotion that people can wear. I may only be 11, but that doesn't stop or take away from what I am capable of. I have designed TONS of wonderful creations, and will post them for you to see very soon. But for now, I hope you enjoy my Stardoll creations!